'Prayer', a new song from Winter Harvest, is my second crack at music video making. Art Katz delivers again with a song that says, "Love. It's nothing to be afraid of." 

Used with permission ©2020 Mafia Squirrel Music BMI

Don't Say Your Piece Softly

I wrote, directed, and produced this video for the revolutionary call song written by Art Katz, under the band name Winter Harvest. Art credits my solo journey to the 2017 Women's March on Washington D.C. as his inspiration. He gets the editing credit for this production.

Used with permission by  ©2018 Mafia Squirrel Music BMI

NOT What's Happening 2020

 "What you're seeing and what you're reading is NOT what's happening." said Asshat on July 24, 2018, in Kansas City, Missouri, to a national VFW Convention.  Here's another quote: "The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." -- George Orwell 

Putting this out here for history's sake.