the tiger paw art gallery

A collection of works

the tiger paw art gallery

A collection of works


About Me

My Background


I don't have any formal training other than what was taught in basic art classes from kindergarten through high school. Perhaps it's an eensy advantage to be so untrained-- raw and malleable in a continuous curious approach to the creative process-- like a child. I love learning new techniques as much as I love being surprised by an accidental stroke that works out better than an intended one.

My Mediums


My first and most beloved medium is photography. Capturing moments of symmetry, hilarity and beauty causes happy dances in my soul. I could wander for hours, and do if left unchecked, just absolutely fascinated by the tiniest little details of life. My other favored love started somewhere in preschool, when I was first introduced to paint and blank over-sized sheets of paper clipped to easels. Today, the scent of paint still excites me for the potential of what can be made.

My Inspiration


The sky. Colors, being outside, listening to music, watching my pets interact with each other and the world, the simple rhythm of swinging, baking cookies, washing dishes by hand, a look of love, the laughter of a friend, fighting injustice, driving a stick shift, taking a long hot shower, eating a fat bacon cheeseburger, other artists, flying commercially or privately, political conversations, clean sheets, stumbling across clearance prices, and historical sites across the globe on my bucket list.

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