Feel This: Living With CPTSD

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder gets simplified in this compact book that takes you on a pinch-hitter's course to understanding the condition millions of people around the world endure. 

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This fifty-two page book

explores the condition resultant from enduring repetitive and sustained traumatic events over the course of years, usually, under circumstances such as (but not limited to) being a prisoner of war, or a survivor of long term child abuse. CPTSD is a nightmarish cluster of mental health diagnoses for those who develop and battle this condition in their daily lives.

Whether you're a survivor or not, Feel This: Living With CPTSD is intended to be a brief guide to understanding the condition the American Psychiatric Association refuses to acknowledge, while being a warm comforting blanket embroidered with "you are not alone" to those who suffer with it. There's hope for recovery and plain language throughout to help unravel the complexities of CPTSD. 


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